NEERI Modern School, Surendra Nagar, RPTS Road,Nagpur

Affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi (Regd. No. 1130204/SL-00031-0910)


InterSchool Competition
Name of Competition Participants Position
GENISIS 2017(Poster Making Competiton)
Organised by Dr Ambedkar College ,Nagpur
Ms. Ishita Sahoo- IX
Ms Deepika Lohiya -IX
DeenDayal Shodh Sansthan, Baljagat , Nagpur
Organised Sanskrit Sholka competition
Rujuta Bramhe -VI 1stPosition
DPS School Nagpur and Matis O Matic
Organised Manager of the Year Contest
Tanaya Choudhari -IX
Deepika Lohiya -IX
Padmawati Thakre-IX
1stPosition (Topic - Vruksh Mitra)
Prahar Military School, Nagpur
Organised "Battle Model Making Competition"
Ananya Tiwari-VIII
Padmawati Thakre-IX
Deepika Lohiya -IX
Ketan Mandlik-IX
Vedant Lande-IX
2nd Prize
Janardhan Swami Yogabhasi Mandal
had organised Inter School Yoga Competition at Nagpur
Students of VI toIX Overall Champion Trophy
2nd Prize in synchronisation
Prayogwan SSSMV's had organised Kid's Science Expo
Debate Competition
Quiz Compettion
R.Steve Aldrin-IX
Omkar Khadakkar-IX
Kasturi Borikar-IX
Deepika Lohiya-IX
Pranav Patel-VII
Shivam Puranik -VII
Gopal Bhattad-VII
Ashwattha Bandhavkar-VII
Ajinkya Joshi -VII
Debate- 3rdPrize
Quiz- All three prizes
Interschool Drawing Competion Organised by Prahar Military School
"Smt. Leelatai Deshpande Memorial Drwaing" Competion
Yukti Pehaljani -III3rdPrize
Interschool Eco friendly Ganesh Idol Making Competion
organised by Prahar Military School
Rujuta Bramhe-VI2ndPrize
Navneet Pvt. Ltd. Organised Master Stroke all India drawing Competition-2017
School Level Result
Anmol Singh-II
Parthavi Dhote-III
Mayank Khaparde-IV
Mahira Jawedekar-VII
Yashasvini Education and Public Welfare Foundation , Bhopal Ms.Ishita Limebekar of IV Awarded with Youngest talent Finext National award and National Exhibition of Mini artwork -2017
RajBhavan Nagpur and Bombay Natural History Society had organised Nature Fete on 10th January -2018 Ms. Gunjan Dhore(VIII) and Ananya Tiwari(VIII) Secrured 1st Position
Dell Champ 2017 R.Steve Aldrin(IX) and Sudhansh Cinthray(IX)School Topper
National Level InterSchool Cyber OlympiadOmkar Khadakkar(IX), Ketan Mandlik(IX),Soham Bedi(IX), Raghav Korde(IX), Sarang Deshpande(IX),Soham Headaoo(IX),Ved Ghodkhande(VIII),Toshit Waghmare(VIII), Shreyas Kumar(VIII), Anshika Shivhare(VIII), Vedal Wasnik (VIII), Pranjal Girhepunje(VIII), Janhavi Welekar(VII), Ashwattha Bandhaokar(VII), Anshuman Bele(VII) School Toppers
“Read and Grow” competition organised by Sandipani School , Nagpur Sanika Sagdeo(VII) , Prachi Belkhode(II), Gauri Lande(IV) School Toppers
Fundoo Learning Solutions had organised Book Review Writing competition Ananya Harkut(VI) stood second and Antara Joshi(VII) and Sara Joshi (VII) 2nd position
3rd position
“ My Money Test” National Financial Olympiad Vedant Chichmalkar(VIII)-got 12th Rank and Robi Suresh (VIII) got 50th Rank School Toppers
29th J.S.K.O.I National Karate Championship 2017 was organised on May 6th and 7th in Agra in which Vedal Wasnik secured 1st position in Kata and 3rd position in Kumete.
In the District Level Table Tennis Tournament, NEERI Modern School secured 2nd position in under 14( girls category) and the students are Antara Joshi (Class VII), Anika Tarar (Class VII), Devhuti Matte (Class VIII). Antara Joshi(VII) , Anika Tarar(VII) and Isha Ambhaikar (IX)were selected for Divisional Level Trials at Bhandara. Antara Joshi (Class VII) and Isha Ambhaikar (Class IX) were selected for state level table tennis held in Nanded
Centre Point School and Jain International School organised swimming competitions in which Poras Wadhai(VII)won a Bronze medal in Centre Point School and Bronze medal in Jain International School under 14 boys (breaststroke) category .
D.S.O organised District Level Lawn Tennis tournament in which Aditya Sonparote ( X) secured 1st position in under 17 boys’ category and Tanaya Choudhary (IX) secured 3rd position in under 17 girls’ category.
In the District Level Archery Tournament, Poorva Chauhan ( X) and Sakshi Bhattad ( X) secured the 1st and 3rd positions respectively.
CBSE Judo Competition was organised in Kochi, Kerala in which Madhura Kulkarni ( VII) secured Gold Medal in below 35 kg category and was selected for the nationals.
In the 3rd Inter School Karate competition, Shubhay Patel (V), Nistha Pandit (VIII) and Hitashi Pandit (VI) secured bronze medals, Vedal Wasnik (VII) secured a Gold Medal and Srujan Umap (V) secured Gold and a Silver Medal.
In All India Dombivali Kalyan Open International FIDE Rating Classical Chess Tournament, Aarit Thakur (I) secured 1st prize in the under 7 category.
9) Vedal Wasnik (VIII), Nistha Pandit (VIII) and Hitashi Pandit (VI) cleared the Black Belt examination in Karate conducted by Vidarbha Karate Association, Nagpur, recognised by the Government of India.
Advait Singh(III) got 1st prize in events organised by Caramel Academy and received overall performance in all events and got Trophy from Devendra Fadnavis
DSO had organised District level Badminton tournament, (under 14 boys ) Sudhansh Cinthray(IX), Naman Labsetwar(IX), Hridyawant Rathore(X), Sahil Bhusari(IX), Athava Lingote(IX) were declared runners up .Sudhansh Cinthray was selected for Divisional Trial.
The students who cleared the 1st level of Olympiad and reached to the 2nd level are- Rishit Urkudkar(III)- IMO
Tanuj Sadawarte (IV)- IMO, NSO
Shubhay Patel(V)- IMO
Paulomi Paltewar(VI)-IMO
Ved Bodkhe(VII)-IMO
Toshit Waghmare(VIII)-IMO, NSO
Avani Pendharkar(IV)-IEO
Sarah Sagdeo(VI)-IEO
Darshar Kharabe(VI)-NSO
Classmate had organised Handwriting Olympiad in which Jhanvi Welekar ( VI to VIII category)secured 1st position, Riya Gurjar( VI to VIII category) secured 2nd position, Ananya Harkut (VI to VIII category) secured 3rd position and Rini Borikar ( I to III category) secured 1st position.
Silver Zone Foundation, New Delhi conducted International Olympiad in Maths, Science and English in which Agrima Sontakke ( I) secured 1st position in School.
Homi Bhabha Vaidnyanik Exam was conducted by BARC and the students who qualified for the 2nd level were Soham Hedaoo(IX), Darshan Kharabe(VI), Paulomi Paltewar(VI).
Workshop and Guest Lectures
1) A lecture on how to use or make best out of waste was organised by the school for Std VI to VIII students Mrs. Rini Batta was the guest. She is also associated with ‘I Clean Nagpur’ a social institute.
2) A lecture on Road Safety Transport was organised for Std VIII and IX students by Shri Atul Agarkar of I Cop Excellence. He gave valuable lessons on road safety, licence, traffic signals.
3) A guest lecture was held in the school by Dr. Manmohan Rathi on the topic of cancer. Students of Std IX and X were guided by him.
4) A lecture was delivered by Dr. Ragini Mandlik, a renowned gynaecologist on ‘Sensitising Girls’ which included aspects regarding human body and habits.
5) A lecture for Std VIII and IX students was organised on the topic ‘How to achieve success ‘by the renowned speaker Dr. Manoj Salpekar.
10) ARDUINO workshop was organised in the school computer lab by Dr. S.S. Limaye which was attended by 14 students of the school.
11)Dr Sachin Sadawarte , Dr. Priya Sadawarte, Dr. Deepali Mandlik and Dr. Lanjewar conducted a session on Basic Life Support and donated Ambu bag and Mask to School for first aid.
12)Sensitization programme against Junk Food was conducted by Dt. Meghna Pandit to promote safe and healthy nutrition for School Children
13) Dr Charu Baheti had conducted counselling session for teenage girls.
1) Students of Std IX were taken to Orange City Hospital Chowk for RSP. Under the guidance of Mr. Atul Agarkar and his team for doing the duty on signal by the RSP students.
2) Students of Std X were taken to visit Science Express train on by the science teacher where students learned about the climate and other science related issues.
3) Std IX and X students were taken to NEERI for the science exhibition organised by NEERI.
4) Std VI to VIII students were taken to NEERI for visit on the occasion of NEERI Golden Jubilee Celebration where students witnessed various science models and lectures by NEERI authorities.
5) Students of Std VI to VIII were taken to Mankapur Stadium to witness Senior National Badminton Championship.
6) “We resolve to make”- An Exhibition-cum-Cultural Programme was organised at Rani Kothi, Civil Lines in which Std IX and X students were taken for the visit.